Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something BIG.

OK, so I count this as good news. Today I saw the urologist. He looked at a CT scan of my kidneys and said that there are a few very small stones in each of my kidneys, but they are not large enough to treat or worry about. He says that the blood in my urine is likely from that. Next he did a cystoscopy (inserted a scope) on my bladder. He said my bladder looked healthy, but as we looked at the screen we noticed something quite large pushing into it. When I say large I mean something big enough that it wouldn't all fit on the screen. Yikes. SO, I am stoked because I just wanted them to FIND SOMETHING so we can FIX/REMOVE it!!! Thank the Lord they found something!!! On the other hand, it needs to be addressed and it would be nice to know what it is exactly. I don't have my pre-op appointment for my laparoscopy until April 1st. I have called my dr already to change that. I am really hoping and praying that he moves that up to tomorrow, perhaps, so we can get things moving along and I am not wasting another painful week in bed without any steps taken to get better.


Trusting Jesus


  1. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I hope whatever they found, is the culprit of your pain and you can get it removed asap and be pain free! Praying for you!


  2. Sorry you're having so much pain. Glad to hear that the stones are small enough to be passable. Kidney stones are the pits. Feel better soon.

    ICLW #33

  3. *hugs* Wishing you relief!

    Also, thank you for the well wishes for my upcoming surgery, it really means a lot.

  4. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I'm glad they found something so hopefully removing it will fix the pain!

    Best of luck with your lap. I had one 8 years ago, and will likely be having another one here in my future. My only advice is invest in the most comfortable drawstring loose pajama pants you can find ;) Mine were my saving grace!

    Happy ICLW!