Gluten/Dairy Free Living

This is a new favorite snack of mine:

they are super yummy... give 'em a try!

I decided that since I am getting pretty good at my new lifestyle, maybe I should share some of my recipes and tips on my blog for others. Basically, it is a diet that should improve some of my health issues, but I refer to it as a "lifestyle," because I am already seeing results and will likely stick to it.

Here is what it consists of:

*No gluten
*No dairy
*No sugar
*No caffiene
*Organic meats only
*Limit soy
*Limit eggs
I am getting pretty good at this, so I will be posting some recipes as well as brands and shopping tips. Organic and special diet foods tend to be quite spendy, so I would love to help others save as I learn how!!

Stay tuned!!