Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I have started a diet similar to the "Endo Diet." This is actually something my naturopath put me on a couple of years ago. It really helped me with my GI issues, and I wasn't struggling with the pain so badly. The problem with it was, I lost WAAYYY too much weight and it got me into some old cycles that were not healthy. Well, now I am back into my "healthy" weight range, and I want to start it up again. So I am doing:

No wheat/gluten
No dairy
No sugar
Limit soy
Organic meats

So far it's going quite well. I think I have been on it for about 3 weeks now and yesterday I began seeing results with the GI issues. So far, so good!

One of my favorite things to eat rtight now is avocado!! YUMMY! I make guacamole almost every evening and eat it with my favorite corn chips. SO GOOD!! What food do I miss?? Dark chocolate Snikers bars! Ouch! It's tought to say goodbye to those so I think I will allow myself one a month! OR... maybe once every two weeks. Yeah, that sounds more doable! Haha!


  1. Three weeks, nice job!

    I just started a new nutritional plan for my endo too. Today is day 4 for me. I am starting with wheat-free & a bunch of vitamins, and I'm going to see how it goes from there. We'll see...but so far, so good.

    I love avocado too! And I'm so happy corn chips are on the "okay" list.

    Good luck with your diet! I'm glad to hear you'll get to indulge in dark chocolate sometimes, another fave of mine. :)

    Do you take food with you when you go over to family & friends' houses? This is new for me, so I have been wondering about it. Food is usually the focus of our gatherings, so I am worried about how to handle this.

    Take care,

  2. Hi. I'm visiting early from ICWL. It sounds like you are on a similar diet to my son and me (for Autism Spectrum related issues)....no dairy, gluten, soy, low oxalate. I didn't realize these diets help with Endo. Now I'm curious as to why and how. I'll need to look that up. Seems to me that gluten in pure evil and aggravates so many conditions. I read something on the Huffington Post regarding why this may be. In the last couple of decades they genetically modified the gluten particles to be larger, so they make better bread....as it turns out many people's bodies can't handle the larger gluten. Gah!

  3. Hey Jenn!! Yes, I do carry snacks with me often. I find that on this diet you can't just grab a snack as easily... For family gatherings when I did this in the past my parents and relatives would often make a few things that were ok for me; I would also recommend possibly making a dish to share that is ok for you to eat. :)

    Autism Mom Rising, Yes, what I am following is similar to the "Endo Diet." The organic meats are to keep extra hormones out of your body. I think the rest are foods that can increase estrogen with can increase pain for endo. Of course, this is a progressive theory but I am willing to try anything!! This also keeps my GI system moving much better.

  4. Hi there...here for ICLW
    I too suffer, and I do mean suffer, from endo and pelvic pain. Some months are better than others and I probably will have kidney failure one day from the exorbiant about of advil I take. I don't write much about it anymore on my blog...it's as much a part of my life as anything else now.