Sunday, May 23, 2010

I <3 Coloring!

I love to whip out the books and crayons when I'm feeling yucky! Try it sometime! :)


  1. Me too! It calms me when I feel anxious! Thanks for visiting my blog. (The Road Worth Traveling)

  2. why not, i say! i see you've changed your blog design. this one's cool too.

    you can press the alternate key and the number 3 on the right bit of the keyboard to get a heart. ♥ (like so). doesn't work with the number 3 on top of the letters section. haha, did i even make sense saying that?

    jos (ICLW)

  3. ME TOO!
    I heart colouring - it is such a fun way to destress and just focus on something else when you are thinking too much :)